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mabinogi plays an important role in game which be known by all Mabinogi players. It is hard to make in game so that mabinogi need be valued by all players now. However, if we can kill more monsters, we can improve the skill and add exp and also help us to make more mabinogi gold.
A lot of friends had just arrived would ask a question, that is, how to make cheap mabinogi gold?
Now I give novice a simple way to make a fortune, and there is no requirement, even if the 0 switch 1 also fully do so.
First, we treasure is a fixed location. There are two specific locations, respectively, in Map 2 and Map 4 awarded out, Map out a winning entry is the gateway to the entrance region of Map 2, Map 3 is the winning entry out of the entrance area leading to Map 4. In addition, the two treasure hunting area is linked.
When we arrived at the designated areas, mabinogi money may find that some people are silent in the name of where the bats and spiders, and quickly picked up litter every penny, do not doubt that this is the legendary WG number. Now we want to do is to remember the names of those WG numbers down, some people use uncommon words from the name, you can right-click the WG number, choose to copy the name, so that you can paste it directly in. They were followed by the replacement channel numbers of each channel WG names are recorded.
Those WG kill small monster here, where the purpose is to fight a treasure chest key, and then use these keys to open those boxes piled in the chest, which will be open until there is a lot of mabinogi money worth Millions of equipment. However, these keys are a feature of people is that when take the key offline or when to leave the map of the region, the key will be automatically removed from the body from falling out. In this way not only purify the game environment, he will be harvest, is the double benefit
Also you can buy mabinogi gold from legal websites. It has become a popular behavior. You can try to do.
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